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Your wedding day is all about you and your new partner. Your wedding should reflect who you are as a couple and how you want to live your life together. Your lifestyle may not be compatible with the tradition of a typical wedding, so you'll want to choose a unique wedding. Follow these steps to help you plan a wedding that truly represents your love and nobody else's.



Choose a nontraditional dress.

    • The wedding dress you choose is your opportunity to step outside the box and plan a wedding that reflects who you and your fiance are as a couple. Most wedding dresses are white, so maybe you would like a cream colored dress or perhaps one that has some colored embroidery. Or maybe you don't want a dress that resembles a traditional wedding dress at all. For a summer wedding you could consider a white sun dress or for a winter event you could consider a fancy pants suit.

Look for a reception site in unsuspecting places.

    • There are many venues in every city that advertise the ability to host a wedding reception. While these places may be especially suited for your wedding reception, there are bound to be plenty of options that may not occur to the average wedding planner to hold a unique wedding reception. Look at local park shelter houses, a friend's backyard, your grandfather's barn or maybe a local art gallery. All you need is the physical space, the rest can be arranged as you figure out the unique features of your wedding.

Do away with traditional conventions.

    • Everyone expects the traditional bouquet and garter toss, dollar dance and a wedding favor, but if you are looking for unique, forget all of these wedding traditions. These traditions are far from unique and have been done by just about every couple you know.

Add your own twist.

    • Come up with your own wedding day traditions. Instead of throwing a bouquet, maybe you want to gather your single girlfriends for a special dance. Or maybe instead of your new husband throwing your garter, consider having all of the single guys do a shot at the bar to a special toast. The idea behind many of these traditional conventions is good, but your unique wedding tastes may lead you to reinvent the current wedding traditions.

Throw out the formality.

    • Much of what makes a wedding formal are the traditions that have come to be expected. If you remove some of these traditions, it may leave you with a less formal event that may be exactly what you are going for.
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